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Raiffeisen Banking Group Salzburg – by far the largest banking group in the province of Salzburg

Raiffeisenverband Salzburg   The Raiffeisen Banking Group Salzburg consists of 51 independent Raiffeisen Banks and Raiffeisenverband Salzburg (RVS), together 123 cooperative banking outlets in the province of Salzburg. RVS operates not only as central bank but also as lobby and legal auditing association for local Raiffeisen banks.


With its legal form of decentralised organised cooperatives (structure), that work closely together, Raiffeisen is by far the largest banking group in the province of Salzburg. As market leader Raiffeisen is also a major player in the Salzburg economy, employing as per year end 2016 1,622 people in RVS (including the warehouse-division), another 1,258 in its 51 Raiffeisen banks and further 120 in their 9 Raiffeisen warehouses. In 2017 the Raiffeisen Banking Group had a consolidated balance sheet total of EUR 15,815bn.

Raiffeisenverband Salzburg – at a glance

RVS has been established in 1905 as Salzburgische Genossenschaftszentralkasse. In 1949 the name was changed to Raiffeisenverband Salzburg. What hasn’t changed is that RVS is a registered cooperative, owned by 180 regional cooperative members. 61 of which are member banks owning more than 85% of RVS, whereat no member holds more than 7%. The remaining 15 % are held by cooperatives within the agricultural sector. The balance sheet total as per 31.12.2017 was EUR 7,392 bn.

RVSs CEO is Mr. Günther Reibersdorfer. Further members of the Management Board are Mr. Heinz Konrad (Corporate Banking), Mr. Andreas Derndorfer (Corporate Management), Mr. Erich Ortner (Private and Retail Banking), and Mr. Thomas Nussbaumer (Service Center).

As a modern and future-oriented institute, RVS stayed abreast with the world-wide globalisation of the economy. A major task of Raiffeisen is to support exporters in all possible fields of business.

RVS provides the local banks with a number of central bank services and offers its customers as a universal bank a comprehensive package of financial services including a large range of private and commercial credit and loan facilities, electronic banking, support in international transactions as well as a professional investment management service.

RVS has a large base in private customers and in its area it is the number one financier for small and medium-sized enterprises, for the tourism industry, for private households and home building as well as for agriculture and forestry.

Wealthy private clients are increasingly making use of the portfolio management services of “Raiffeisen Salzburg Invest KAG”, which also handles investment funds to complement our service portfolio.

The package of services is supplemented by Raiffeisen’s own insurance (Raiffeisen Versicherungs AG) and leasing company (Raiffeisen Leasing) as well as its real estate agency (Raiffeisen Immobilien Salzburg eGen).

RVS is also head office of the warehouse cooperatives („Lagerhaus“) of the province of Salzburg with 38 warehouse stores, 26 filling stations, 9 farm machine garages and a mixed feed plant.

Generally RVS has an important role in the commodities and live-stock business as local supplier both for consumers and farmers and so contributes considerably to the importance of Salzburg as Austria’s second largest trading place.